Friday, April 6, 2012

Seduce Attractive, Sexy Girls: The Right Approach To Getting Dates - That Hot Women Can't Resist

Asking a girl out on a date is a big problem for most guys.
The reason for this of course, is that they are frightened
to death of rejection from the girl. Well, the fact is that
many guys end up getting rejected because they ask for dates
in the completely wrong way...which leaves the girl NO CHOICE
but to say no. I know this may sound strange, but it will
become very clear when we look at how "female psychology"
works when a girl is asked out by a guy.

You see, when a guy asks a woman out on a date, she never
wants to appear TOO EAGER to say yes. This is because she's
worried that if she agrees too quickly, the guy may think
she's cheap and easy. And no girl wants to be seen in that

So, for example a guy asks a girl, "Would you like to go to
the movies with me on Friday night?" Her first instinct will
be to immediately say that she's busy on Friday night. Of
course, she might not be. For all you know, she might just
be spending the evening with her sister doing nothing but
watching T.V. at home. Boring? Yes. But she doesn't want him
to think she's that easy so she rejects him.

Or she might say "Oh, I'm sorry Friday's no good for me. I'm
going to see a movie with my girlfriends." The guy says,
"Oh, okay, how about Saturday then?" "Saturday? Oh, I've got
to baby-sit for my sister, I'm really sorry. I'll tell you
what: why don't I let you know when I'm free later and we
can do it then." This is a terrible situation for the guy.
He'll be feeling pretty stupid at this point.

Now, I will show you my clever "Seduction Trick" to make
sure you never have this problem when asking a girl on a
date. Here's what you do: Instead of just saying "Do you
want to go out with me on Friday night," you say something
like this: "Hey, we should hook up and hang out sometime
soon, we can have some fun, are you up for that?" And if you
have a pretty good rapport with her she'll probably say
"Yeah sure, that'll be nice."

Let's assume you're talking to her on a Wednesday night on
the phone. Then next you say: "Okay, I'll tell you what: I'm
very busy tonight, and tomorrow and Saturday night, but I've
got all Friday night free. We can hang out then." You see
what you've done there? You've given her only one option,
Friday night. She sees that you're a busy guy, you've got a
LIFE and you don't have much spare time on your hands, so
the little time you do have to spend with her is very

So now, she will have one of two options in responding to
your offer (and they're both positive ones).

Option One: If she hasn't got anything really important to
do on Friday night, she'll say yes immediately because she
might not get another chance with you.

Or Option Two: If she really is busy, she will make a real
effort to make herself available later.

So you see, by using this clever little Seduction Trick,

you'll never be "jerked around" by women ever again when
asking them out on a date. And having this much CONTROL over
how you do the asking will make all the difference in your
dating "success rate."

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