Monday, March 19, 2012

Makeup Haul

I know I blogged about telling or rather challenging myself that I should control on buying too many makeup stuff a few weeks ago, but I guess I failed on that. Because just two weeks ago, I bought a lot! Boy, I tried but it was really hard to resist these babies. so check them out.

note: I've been using some of those for a few days already, so try to read my very short reviews. hehe

so here's a haul of makeups:

1st batch (all from the supersale bazaar which was held at the World Trade Center)
Bought all of these in one day
1. NYX soft matte lip cream in tokyo - I really like the color but it looks too light on my lips
2. NYX eyeshadow pencil in Milk - it's good you can use it as an eye shadow base too.
3.NYX round lipsticks in doll and peach - I just love nyx round lipsticks!
4. ELF tinted moisturizer in Nude - I'm not contented with this one. I don't like the smell and consistency.
5. ELF blush in pink passion - nice too because it gives you a healthy looking glow.
6. ELF eyebrow lifter and filler in ash - at first I thought that the ash color is too light for my brows but the once you brush it with the brow brush it'll blend pretty well that is perfect if you want to achieve lighter brows.
7. CoverGirl pressed powder in clean - It gives a very light coverage perfect for everyday use.
8. Le Faerie oil control gel - I haven't tried it yet, but you can check out lefaerie's shop if you like.
9.eos lip balm - which is love at first try. best for those who have dry chappy lips.

2nd batch (these items were bought a week after my spending ban, see I really did not last long at all) 

1. Marrionaud N32 brush - two thumbs up for this one!
2. Stippling brush from Landmark - haven't tried yet
3.  Etude House drawing eyebrow pencil in 02- it is in greyish brown color and it comes with a brow brush. love this too and it's really affordable, it is only P128.
4. 4u2 dreamgirl BB cream in faith - not satisfied with this one, but it's okay.
5. MISSHA silky soft foundation - this one is okay too but not as good as their BB cream line.
6. Maybelline color sensation lipstick in Angel Rose - I have 3 color sensation lipsticks and this one is my favorite so far. I like its soft pinkish color.
7. Maybelline the Magnum Volum' Express Mascara - really good mascara actually it's is my second one because I lost the first one I bought. :(
8. Contour and highlight powder - haven't tried it too.

So, what do you think? oh. I think it's scary. scary for my pocket and wallet. This has to stop. hehehe. kiddin! but the challenge is still on. My first month of the challenge, definitely failed! but will try again. lol! :) So tell me this is normal.

anyway, School is about to end and summer is just around the corner, I could really feel the heat here in Manila. Ugh. Computation of grades is really tough man. believe me, it's hard to put a failing mark on my student's grade. (super maawain kasi ako) hahaha!

Enjoy the summer, LADIES! :))

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Inter-class Competition

Last March 9, we had an inter-class competition at school, which was basically my idea. It is a competition where the students of all humanities classes will be given an opportunity showcase their talents and abilities on their chosen art performance. There were a group of students who performed "ala" Victoria Secret fashion show, some executed a dance musical, and the others portrayed a drama.

I told my students that the fifty percent grades of their final exam will be based on the judges' score on their performance, so imagine how much effort and arguments they have to go through to get what they want. Arguments, because they all have conflicting ideas and not to mention that they're also time pressured.

My students preparing their props

Me, in a monochromatic brown, announcing the rules and the criteria for judging

My PM class, dancing to the song of Lady Marmalade from the movie, Moulin rouge 

from my AM class, portraying the role of F4 from Meteor Garden.
Ala High school Musical

look at those vacant seats. I took this photo at the near end of the program and apparently as expected, A lot of students sneaked out.

After the program, though my students didn't win, I'm still happy and so are they.

giving our judges a free snacks and drinks.
so, that's it and thank God, it was successful and fun.

till next time! :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Phone Sex..

Yesterday, I watched a programme on channel 4 called "My Phone Sex Secrets." It was basically about these women of different ages and backgrounds working in the phone sex industry.

Phone sex (according to wikipedia) is a type of virtual sex that refers to sexually explicit conversation via telephone, especially when at least one of the participants masturbates or engages in sexual fantasy. Phone sex conversation may take many forms, including (but not limited to): guided, sexual sounds, narrated, and enacted suggestions; sexual anecdotes and confessions; candid expression of sexual feelings or love and or discussion of very personal and sensitive sexual topics.

Phone sex exists both in the context of intimate relationships (e.g., among distanced lovers), and as a commercial transaction between a paying customer and a paid professional.

I found the programme quite amusing to be honest. One woman, Jenny Ainslie-Turner gives a rare insight into the tricks used by the women who chat to punters on premium rate sex lines. The programme showed her painting her kitchen while on a call to a man. He was having a wank one side of the phone while she is painting her kitchen wall and saying "can you hear how wet I am?" whilst dipping her brush in the paint. This lady Jenny claims for different calls, she will act as different people. If a man wants to hear an older lady, she will be a 70 year old called Mabel, or to be a teenager she calls herself Elaina. She claims some callers even get aroused by discussing Coronation Street. WOW.
I can imagine it now. "Think about Roy, and his buttered rolls. Ummm are you spreading the butter? Would you like a cup of tea with that? Oooohhh Betty has a steaming hot pot."
The most she has made in a days work was £550. I say work, it is not really work is it?

Lying on your bed, talking dirty and getting paid. Actually an ideal day, no?

One girl in the programme I found to be rather strange. She exercises a lot, does yoga, eats raw foods and nothing that came from an animal and then during a shopping trip buying her veg, she is talking filth! "You can be my toilet paper, I will save money on toilet paper, you can lick it out my ass!"
Umm, was I the only one who gagged at that comment?

Another girl, Marni, only 19 years old found that doing this job she was making herself lots of money which was the main reason she did it. By doing this job, she was able to buy herself a flat and enroll herself into university, something she never thought she would be able to do because of the cost of the tuition. Marni likes the dominatrix side of phone sex. Whenever someone phones her she will act as the mistress and the caller is the slave. One man wanted him to "piss on her" so she ran the tap and made a few noises et voila, he had cum, and the conversation ended.

Obviously, there are a lot of guys out there that call these lines to have a quick chat, get turned on, bash one out and continue with everyday life.

It isn't just sex lines where men pay that are being used. It happens everyday. Either you, or your friend, or someone you know, will participate in a phone sex call. I will freely admit, I have done it. Twice. The first time, I didn't know what to say. The guy knew what he was doing and was really imagining it, you could tell. I was actually put off by him by how he was groaning over the phone. I tried to talk back, but the right words would not come out right. The second guy was a guy I was seeing. He turned me on beyond belief. Everytime I would see him, our chemistry was amazing. When I wasn't with him and wanted to be, we both knew that a cheeky phone call would work.
Having good phone sex is like giving a good blow job. You need to be prepared and know what your doing. Obviously you have to be in the mood before you talk.

Don't be shy to have phone sex. I think it is something all couples should engage in, especially when apart. When in person you are happy to explore eachothers bodies freely, so on the phone you can be racier and say things that you may never actually do, but know it will turn the other person on.

I have come up with some tips that you can use before engaging in a phone sex conversation.

1) Dim the lights, read a dirty novel with a glass of wine and then when you start to get turned on, start playing with yourself.
2) A simple phrase such as, "I wish you were in bed with me now," will get your partners mind wandering and already start wanting you.
3) Girls, this one will really work on your man, tell him how you are undressing, explicitly. Paint a picture for him and it will make him wish he was there.
4) If dirty talk isn't your thing, don't try too hard. Don't act like the porn star from the porno you both watched the other week. Be yourself. Maybe your partner is good at it. If so, let them take the lead and just moan and groan when it feels right.

As a job, I won't deny that I am quite interested to try it out. I reckon I would make a lot of money. :)

Let me know your thoughts..

Little Miss V..x

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The day I turned another year older

Heya guys! Quoting from what the first part of my dad's text message: "Some twenty four years ago, around 4 o'clock in the morning, you were born." Yes, last February 26, 2012, I celebrated my 24th birthday. God, twenty four? why I still feel the same as when I was in high school? haha. Have you ever felt that? like knowing your age number is increasing but still feel the same way? Not that I'm acting immatured, in fact, I think I'm acting very well according to my age, it's just that I feel that nothing has changed about me. Is it normal? or maybe that's just how fast time passes. What do you think? When I was a lot younger, every time I hear someone who is on his/her twenties I thought he/she is already old. so, anyway I said the word "younger" instead of "young" because I know that being twenty four or in twenties means you're still young and definitely not old, okay? A thing that you should correct to the kids, because for sure they're thinking the same thing when I was a child. And when you reach the age of 30's or even 40's correct them again. hahaha :))

So here are some photos from that day:

After having snacks and playing some games at our house, we went to Fiesta Island Seafood Hub (FISH) located at Visayas Avenue, QC.

love the ambiance

the wicked sisters. lol! :)

what we ordered: special bangus(milkfish), camaron rebosado, pancit canton, kinilaw (raw fish with vinegar and  coconut milk) and baked scallops(my fave). :)

with my two kids (they gave me a card that day, aww sweet of them)

kiddos! :) 

warming up for a 4-hour fun karaoke. :)

cool wallpaper makes us feel like we were at the beach.

the husbands, who stayed outside at the later part to have some coffee and talk which gave us(girls) more freedom to do the dancing. lol! :)
with my wonderful Sab :)

I had so much fun and of course the greetings from my family, friends, and relatives made my day extra special. :)

thank you so much guys!! :)