Friday, December 30, 2011

Sexiest Men Of 2011!

Hey dolls,

A friend of mine and I just spent about half an hour writing a list of our top men of all time.. So as this year is coming to an end, I am going to share my Top 50 Hottest men list with you!
Now, this is my list so some of you may disagree, if so I would love you to share your list with me..

Ok, here it goes..

1) Channing Tatum
2) Josh Duhamel
3) Eric Dane
4) Enrique Iglesias
5) Dermot Mulroney
6) Michael Buble
7) Harry Styles
8) Zac Efron
9) Liam Hemsworth
10) Tom Hardy
11) Jamie Redknapp
12) Josh Hartnett
13) David Beckham
14) Taylor Lautner
15) Colin Farrell
16) Mark Wright
17) Russell Brand
18) Ryan Gossling
19) Ashton Kutcher
20) Gerard Butler
21) Jared Leto
22) Chase Crawford
23) Ed Westwick
24) Bradley Cooper
25) Kellan Lutz
26) Gino Dcampo
27) Hayden Christensen
28) Milo Ventimiglia
29) George Clooney
30) Xavier Samuel
31) Rick Malambri
32) Jake Gyllenhall
33) Robert Pattinson (i bet a lot of you are screaming cos you think he is amazing but lets be honest, he is not that hot. Only hot in twilight as a blood sucking vampire and I would let him suck me but way after half these people!!)
34) Dougie Poynter
35) Orlando Bloom
36) Andrew Garfield
37) Michael Cera
38) Hugh Grant
39) Peter Facinelli
40) Brad Pitt
41) Johnny Depp
42) Matthew Mcconnaughey
43) Paul Wesley
44) Penn Badgley
45) Justin Timberlake
46) Matthew Morrison
47) Gary Barlow
48) Jeffrey Dean Morgan
49) Sean William Scott
50) Ryan Seacrest

I couldn't do a list with adding my top 5 women I would turn lesbian for..

1) Sofia Vergara
2) Adriana Lima
3) Mila Kunis
4) Nicole Scherzinger
5) Rihanna

I hope you all liked the list.. Comment below your own list or if you agree with mine. You can also email the list to or tweet me @LittleMissVak or my fb page

Thank you all so much for continuing throughout the year to read my blog. It means a lot to me that people actually read it and enjoy it..


Little Miss V..xx

Friday, December 23, 2011

Guest Blog by Carly.. What's in your Christmas stocking?

Hey dolls,

I asked a gorgeous friend of mine and fellow blogger, Carly, if she would like to do a guest blog for me and she accepted! She is fab, as is her writing. She is funny, witty, dirty and talented, just like me ;)
I hope you all enjoy her post.
To see more of her writing check out her blog..

It’s the most wonderful time of the year isn’t it? Putting the star on top of the tree, eating mince pies and hoping that Santa sees past enough of all the naughty things you’ve done this year to put you on his prezzie list. There are kisses under the mistletoe and on top of the kitchen table, lazy public holiday lay ins and of course catch up Martini nights where us girls get together to misbehave and swap bedroom secrets…

Alexi: “19 cm”
Lea: “Bullshit”
Carly: “Shut the fuck up.”
Alexi: “ I measured it!”
Lea: “Where from his belly button?”
Carly: “ Can you feel it poking your pancreas?”
Alexi: “What?! No!”
Lea: “Then you measured wrong!”
Carly: “ What about Rob?”
Lea: “You mean the Girthenator, check this out.”

Lea shows me a picture of Rob, her new boyfriend, in his favourite pair of blue underwear.

Carly: “Jesus, he really is the Girthenator”
Alexi: “What about…”
Carly: “My guy has the most perfect penis in the world. It fits me like a tailored Chanel suit, in fact if I could have a mold made into a dildo for when I’m away. That would suit me just fine…”
Lea: “Ahhh, over share!”
Alexi: “Yeah, TMI.”
Lea: “I once dated a guy with balls the size of apples!”
Carly: “No, I’m all about the penis. I like a good plum or litchi sized ball… and like is a strong word.”
Alexi: “Another round?”
Carly and Lea: “Yes please!”

As our glasses chink together and we down what’s left of our cosmopolitans I cant help but giggle to myself and wonder, does the bulge make the man?

When I was 15 my best friend and I found ourselves making out with two skateboarding super hotties we’d chatted up. I knew it was time to take the plunge… my hand fumbled past the awkward button/zipper roadblock and hesitantly gripped. My 1st penile experience… hard, slightly curved to the right and about the size of a large gherkin. Really? This is it? Gross. As I got older and with many more tree house esque experiences I came to understand this new found territory a little better. Of course back then I had no basis for comparison… now, slightly more.

For years I have had the pleasure of feeling exactly like a kid on Christmas morning, about to unwrap packages with no idea of what may lie under the tinsel and ribbon. I’ve had some good surprises, some not so good and some very unexpected treats. These do not always coincide with the overall result, as I’m sure all of us will agree that a big package does not necessarily a good Christmas make. In fact if I think back to my top 3 Man Muscles I cant remember any one of them making me Joyful and Triumphant.

The first belonged to a guy who wouldn’t stop talking dirty to me. I’m all for spicing it up but not on date 1(If you can even call it that) and most certainly not dead sober. I don’t know how I ended up sharing a bed with Russell and his ginormous love muscle, when you are 19 you tend to skip the preproduction for these things and I guess they just happen. All I could think was thank God the lights are off so he cant see the look on my face as he explains how he would like to “cum inside me and fuck me raw”. It was probably a similar face to one you would pull after taking a sip of milk 5 days after the sell by date. One eye closed, nose crinkled up slightly grimaced and 11 out of 10 on the uncomfortable scale. There’s no way this guy is getting inside me. I dodged the window of possible penetration thinking I could end it all with a quick BJ if only my mouth could accommodate his meat thermometer. Both of us went to sleep completely unsatisfied and a little embarrassed.

Then there was the owner of what I can only describe as the Giant Meatloaf who revealed himself to me as we began to make out in the street by my car. I can remember thinking, what is it with guys and their big dicks, do they think just because they are well endowed that they can whip it out at anytime and our panties will automatically drop and turn into a symbolic welcome matt saying “Please Enter Me Immediately”? What happened to romance, to chivalry, to base 2, 3 and 4? Insulted by his sense of entitlement I kissed him on the cheek and left him standing pants round him ankles in 4th avenue alone.

Even when you do everything right, not all Purple-Headed Soldiers make it into battle. I had a whirlwind romance with Gerd. Unlike the other 2 Bolony Pony owners, there were some feelings involved. We sparked. We had chemistry. We were out of town and away from all responsibility with a group of friends on a farm. Away from my boyfriend too. Nothing like a bit of nature and fresh air to make you sing: “Oh Come all Yeah UnFaithful!”. It was wrong in every way making our secret love affair even hotter. We were sharing a room with people and so had to keep everything super quiet… whispering to each other in the dark under the sheets after I’d quietly snuck into the bed with him. I felt him press up against me and suddenly realized what I was up against. A Monster. We tried for hours to get in sync but put plain and simply… he was just too big. I bit down on the pillow after attempt 12 and realized that my tight little tigress was never going to be able to play host to such a force of nature. It was as if I’d unwrapped a box with a beautiful pair of shoes inside… 2 sizes too small. Returns not accepted.

And then I think back to some of the best sex I’ve ever had… most of which happened with owners of probably very average Impalers. I can’t remember… It was so good, I guess I wasn’t focused on how big they were just on how good they felt and how well they were operated. In my opinion a man who knows how to take command of the Anaconda can very well trump a guy with a Savage Salami in bed. I’m not completely un-superficial… I’ve had my fair share of these moments:

Carly: “Ok, I’m ready… I want you inside me!”
Under average Joe: “Um… I am. I have been for the last 15 minutes. I thought you came already?”
Carly: “Oh. Um… yeah, I was just role playing you know… lets carry on.”

Cue Sour Milk face followed by a major Fake.

A situation probably easily forgiven had I been eaten out as if I were a festive dessert and sent into xmas ecstasy instead of being pummeled inconsiderately like a jack hammer with a tool that seemed to be Christmas cracker gift size. Just saying.

So… what do women want in their stockings this year? I’ll tell you.

We want time… everywhere. We want generous foreplay. We want long expeditions to the South Pole. We want excitement. We want to feel powerless and powerful all at the same time. We want to feel beautiful and be looked at like the goddesses we are. We want bragging rights so that at the next Martini party we can tell everyone how our boyfriend makes the Karma Sutra look like a children’s bedtime story. We want candles, mood music and rose petals sometimes and sometimes we want our hair pulled and our panties ripped off. Most importantly we want a man who knows who he is and knows who we are enough to confidently play on that thin line between almost bliss and endless rapture. A man who knows his Candy Cane is but one Christmas charm amongst a tree of trinkets and tricks. After all it’s not the gift, but the thought that counts.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cougar Town?

I have always been the kind of girl who has never enjoyed dating guys my own age.
When I was 16 I went out with a guy who was 23. When I was 19 I was dating a 17 year old (and taking his virginity). Now at the age of 23 I wonder if I am supposed to be looking for the older guy to settle with, or the younger guy to have fun with.

I have always found that guys my own age are very immature. Well, they do say the male brain is three years behind the female. So that means a guy my age really acts like a 20 year old. So if I start dating a 20 year old, really he has the brain of a 17 year old? What I have noticed is that younger guys will always try harder to be at your maturity level, mainly to impress you.

“A man who hasn’t had many or any long-term relationships is far more likely to be open to friendly instruction,” says Dr Pam Spurr. "He’s still exploring and learning, so you’ve got a better opportunity to mould him.” “A younger man may not have fallen in love before, so you might be his first." “That can make it feel incredibly exciting for both of you.” That said, it might also make him overly intense. “Not having dealt with these deep feelings before might make him come on too strong, in terms of commitment or even jealous behaviour,” says Dr Pam.

More women than ever before are looking outside of their own age group to find love, and according to the Office for National Statistics, it’s mostly cougars on the prowl. More women are marrying younger men than ever before. Celebs are doing it too: Halle Berry, Madonna and Demi Moore have all tried younger men, while women like Catherine Zeta Jones and Katie Holmes got hitched to older guys. Dating out of your age bracket can work to your advantage but will also have the disadvantages. Look at Caroline Flack. She is 32 years old and has just started dating Harry Styles from One Direction who is only 17 years old. Like I said earlier, I am a girl who will date younger guys but come on.. that is just wrong. She had nearly finished high school when he was born. From what I have seen, she has been getting lots of hate mail and I am not suprised. (most probably frome me cos he is MY man and she needs to plank on a knife!!) Demi Moore, 49, married Ashton Kutcher 32 a few years back. Now they are on the brink of a divorce due to cheating rumours on Ashton's behalf.

So, can dating a younger guy lead to disaster? Will they get bored and cheat? Or do some of these 'cougars' do it due to boredm? Do they think dating a younger guy will keep them on their toes? Lets be honest, women age very gracefully so it is easy to bag a younger guy but you need to be sure of what you want before you get too involved. If casual is more you thing then go for it, but if you are looking for something more long term, make sure he is aware of that.

I guess some women will go for the 'toyboy' if they just cannot deal with the 'baggage' that may come with an older man EG divorce, an ex wife, divorce etc.

Once a man hits around 35, he’s usually got a good idea of what he’s good at and what he’s not. So he is less likely to be changeable in terms of his career, the way he behaves, but it also makes him less fickle when it comes to love. He has been there, done it and probably got more notches on his bed post than you. Well, some of you! You will probably have more security when it comes to the older guy.

“The advantage of a man who’s been around the block is that he’s learned from his exes,” says Dr Pam. “Every relationship, every break-up has a lesson in it.” And there’s the physical knowledge too. “Men who have been in long-term relationships learn a lot about women’s bodies,” Ok so thats good. Date an older guy and maybe he will actually be able to find my G-spot and not think its a watch when I ask him to look for it - (this is what happened with the 17 year old back in the day!!)

After thinking about all of this I decided to make a top 5 list of my hottest younger guys and older men.

Top 5 Older men I would get it on with:
1) Eric Dane - aka McSteamy from Greys Anatomy
2) Dermot Mulroney - best know for his roles in The Wedding Date and My Best Friends Wedding
3) Antonio Banderas - The sexy Spaniard
4) Patrick Swayze - Obviously in his Dirty Dancing days..
5) Gerard Butler - From the moment he played Gerry in PS I Love You, I fell in love

Top 5 Younger guys I would get it on with:
1) Harry Styles - One Direction
2) Taylor Lautner - aka Jacob in Twilight.. oooh topless in each film. Yum.
3) Zack Efron - Need I say more?
4) Frankie Cocozza - He may be a shameful coke whore but that rocker vibe does it for me and then he can add my name to his ass
5) Jeremy Sumpter - He believed in fairies in Peter Pan and he can believe in me being his fairy godmother :)

Would love to hear from you guys if you have had a relationship with the Toyboy or the older guy and how it went for you?
Twitter: @LittleMissVak

Little Miss V..xx

Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm In Love With A Stripper..

Ok, so no i'm not really in love with a stripper. But i'm not going to lie, I do kind of love the thought of it all.

You see, last night, myself and some friends went to a strip club. I have always wanted to go to one to know what actually goes on behind closed doors and see what they are really like and not just how I see them on films.

This was my first time in a strip club in London and I was actually quite excited. You see, the only other time I have been to a strip club was in Amsterdam a year ago. The place was vile. Not only was it cold and gloomy but the girls were already naked and happy to put their vagina in your face. LITERALLY. We had bought a dance for one of the boys and the girl giving him the dance actually put his nose into her asshole. Hole. Yes. ASSHOLE! That to me was really gross and degrading for them, then again, it was Amsterdam and I should have expected that we were going to be knee deep in clunge. Wellie boots please!!

So in we walked. The interior was very nice. Quite welcoming to be honest. Was not gloomy and dirty but in fact quite smart and classy. The first thing to catch my eye were swings at the bar. How fun is that!! The second thing I noticed was the fact half of the girls in this place were UGLY! When you see a strip club in a film, all the girls are beautiful with nice breasts and mysterious eyes. Not here. Most of the ladies were Eastern European and not that good looking with bad hair extensions and an even worse attitude.

So down Max, Anna and I sit and straight away girls are looking at us. At first I am not sure if it is Max's muscly arms that caught their attention, or the fact that he was there with Anna and I. Bit odd for a guy to go to a strip club with two girls I guess. Then again, Anna and I are not your average kind of girls. So first round of drinks come anf our first stripper comes and sits down with us. After a while she can tell we are not interested and walks off to a group of Asian guys. So the three of us are sitting there having a laugh, catching up and watching girls dance on a pole. One of the girls dancing caught my eye for having massive tattoos down the right side of her body, but also for knowing how to dance on that pole. Let me tell you, girl could dance.

I looked around the club to see the kind of people inside. On one table there was a group of white guys in suits. Business meeting maybe? Not sure but they were soon enough joined by some girls. On another table is a group of Asian guys. Also in suits. After work fun clearly! Then I see an old guy sitting on his own. Girls keep going to say hi and kissing him hello. Obviously he is a regular and knows them all well. Part of me wondered why a guy clearly in his mid 60's was spending his nights in a strip club? Boredm? Lonliness?

So after some food and more drinks, down sits *FiFi. At first I had actually said that she was odd looking and Russian where in fact she was pretty decent and English. Our conversation included our love of games such as Tetris and Solitaire and how her boyfriend does not know she does this job. Fifi was telling me how she has danced her whole life including Burlesque dance. Before working in a strip club too, she had an office job but after spending most of her day playing solitaire, she knew it was not for her. She was really lovely and nice to talk to. After some chit chat, FiFi went to dance on stage.

Some other girls then came to sit with us and talk to us. It is funny to talk to them when they are so normal. The first perception you get is that they must be dirty slores and miserable and not nice to talk to, when in fact they are normal girls just trying to make some money. And do they make money!! i had to ask, I was very intreigued. So there I am sat in a strip club talking to FiFi, Sunshine and Cat about the kind of money they make. They pay the club to basically rent space lets call it. That is about 80 pounds a night. Once they have covered that, everything else is theirs. They can make anything from 100 - 1000 pounds a night. Each dance they give is done in a private area away form your table at 20 pounds a dance. You are not allowed to touch the girls. Security is very tight and people are always looking to make sure things are all good. People will also buy the girls drinks so it is often that they are getting drunk.
Getting drunk on the job and making maybe 500 pounds a night. Why am I not doing this? Haha!

About half an hour after talking to the girls, our friend Adam came to join us. More drinks were being bought. So it was the four of us and 5 of the strippers sat at our table. The ones that were not sat at our table were obviously very jelous as we were drinking, laughing and having a great time. The four of us then went to sit in a private area with four of the girls and we were all given a dance. Now I am the kind of girl who is up for anything. Ok, not anything, but most things. Seeing girls naked is not something new for me. I am naked with my girls all the time. To be honest, I actually did not know where to look. Four girls, four vajayjays and eight boobs. Max had a dance with FiFi, I had Sunshine, Anna had Cat and Adam had Melody. Melody was actually really pretty with great breasts and I kept looking over at her. My girls hair extensions were as rough as elephants hair which was a bit off putting to be honest. So once again my eyes were wondering. Catching the look on Anna's face and then to Adam and to Max. The grins on their faces were priceless. Adam was touching Anna's leg as obviously you cannot touch the girls and he was getting worked up.

In one sense, I think for guys its all just a bit of a prick tease. They get a dance, get a boner and cannot do anything about it. Is there point wasting your money on that? Why not I say. All for some fun and something different.

As girls, I can fairly say that Anna and I enjoyed ourselves. New experience and all. I would deffinately go back. Not because I am into the girls but at the end of the day it is actually nice to hang out and drink there and also nice to talk to the girls. If anyone wants to come, let me know, come along and join :)

Little Miss V..xx

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right away

Last two weeks ago, I was asked to model for a.... I know this will sound funny but I just have to share it with you guys, it's for a... Malunggay oil capsule. yeap, Malunggay or Moringa Oleifera as scientific name for this plant. So anyway, It was so sudden that I couldn't say no. Well this is what happened my boss(our head professor) called me and without my permission first, introduced me to the company owner of this Malunggay thing. This is how my boss introduced me: "Ms.Kat, this is Anna, a college teacher in this school and she'll be the one to model for your product." aaand. I'm like at the back of my mind, huh? what product? what modelling? but of course I didn't want to embarrass my boss in front of her, so instead I just smiled and said "ah yes. hello po." Then she explained to me what to do and what to bring and I got even more surprised when she said that it'll be on the next day. what the! I know I may sound that this is something big, but my concern is, I really don't want to do this and knowing that It'll be tomorrow means no more backing out.

After the company owner left, I felt really like what just happened? I asked my boss and again I just can't get mad at him. He explained to me that he totally forgot it about and told me not to worry because I can do it. My friends/co-teachers were teasing me, and I felt really ashamed. lol! The moment I arrived home, I went straight to my wardrobe to look for something decent I could wear for the next day. The owner said, wear something casual that fits for a teacher/professor look. I tried on some of my usual business outfit, but then I thought it's too ordinary or yet it's because of the thought that it's not new. hahaha. I felt like I should buy something, but I was too tired to go to the mall. I asked my friends if they could accompany me on the next morning, since we will still have time because the photoshoot will start at 1pm, and thank God they said yes. My friends were teasing me the whole time we were at the mall, saying, "Ano kami P.A. mo? sige na nga, basta balato ha." It was fun but we were really in hurry.

So we came up with this look:

What we bought: Blazers from The Ramp, P899; inner hot pink top from Rico Salandanan, P199

My vintage bike necklace; Black jeggings; and Black sandals from Chelsea.

what do you think?

tooo bad I accidentally deleted all the photos during the shoot. :(( but anyways, what's important is I had fun. :))

below is the photo of the product:

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This ain't me. This is my mind talking.

This would be just a random post.

Randombecause I don't have any idea what to say, and with that, it will obviouslylead me to different things, no single topic just letting my mind flow as Itype on the keyboard of my laptop. Basically, I'm just bored, so let's seewhere this boredom would take me.

Okay, why don't Ijust arrange my things; I've been wanting to do that since last week, only thatI'm too lazy. want to know why? It is because I don't know where to start, andI'm too lazy to think about it. 

Let me open my fb,and see what's new to the people I know, so 3 days ago was my cousin's firstbirthday, and the pictures clearly tell that they really had fun. She isn’tjust an ordinary baby but a precious one. In fact, her nickname is Precious.It's a long story but believe me, She made everyone really happy. My daughterjust loves her.

So lately, I’ve been struggling with my new eating disorder. Yes,I consider it as a disorder. Actually it’s not new, because I have this sincetime immemorial only that this time it’s becoming worse. The more I want to controlmy diet and not to think about food, the more I want to eat. Does anyone relateto that? Seriously, in my whole life I never tried any kind of diet. I hope Icould start by eating healthy foods. I don’t eat vegetables. I always eat junkfoods. See how unhealthy kind of person I am?  Tsk. Tsk.

My daughter is presently complaining about her neck, and I am nowworried. I am the kind of mommy who wants to have my kids checked by a doctoras soon as possible. So I would definitely schedule her for a check-up tomorrow.For now, I'll call and ask my uncle who is a doctor. It’s always nice tohave a doctor in the family. I am always grateful to him. I remember when I wasa kid I wanted to be a doctor, A dermatologist to be specific. Only I realizedthat I can’t handle all those bloods, sickness, wounds, and etc. It scaresthe hell out of me.

So I guess, This has to stop, because I have a pretty lovely daughter to attend to. I hope she'll be fine. In Shaa Allah.

Bye! :)

This was fun, I should probably do this random thingy more often. You should try too. :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Heart Paintings

Hello. Wonder why sudden interest aboutpaintings? I know I haven't blogged about my newest venture in life, no it'snot about me trying to be a painter(I wish I have that talent though) It isabout me being a college teacher, yes I am, and the subject I am teaching isHumanities. I hope you’ve read about my blog a month ago about my problem if Ishould accept the teaching job offer. So, I guess the answer is obvious now andthank God I made the right decision. At this moment I am actually making my PowerPointpresentation for my next lecture, which is actually tomorrow, (I hope none of my students will read this.haha!) and the topic is about painting. Despite the fact that I’mreally really short of time, I still can’t help but take a little of what’s left to blogabout these wonderful paintings I am about to show you.

Have fun! :)

Add caption

by Ashton Knight

by: Leonid Afremov

also by Leonid Afremov ( I just love his paintings)

Cafe Terrace at Night by Vincent Van Gogh

Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

Alley by the Lake by Leonid Afremor

Oops. sorry about some of the paintings, I can't find the titles and the artists' names. I will fill those in soon. Anywhoo, They're all amazing and beautiful, aren't they?

I hope you enjoyed. consequently, I guess I won't be sleeping tonight. sigh!

Monday, November 21, 2011

When Sex Goes Wrong..

Hey dolls,

Sorry it has been a while since I last blogged but lets just hope it was worth the wait!

After talking with some friends about sex (obviously something I talk about a bit too often) and things that can go wrong, we started to have a real laugh at the stories that were coming up. You know, when cum goes in your eye and you think you are blinded or someone walks in on you etc.

I will start with myself.. Let me just add that this is a story that not many people know as I have always been completely embarassed by this and the thought of it still takes me back to the shock.. anyway..
A few years back I was seeing this guy and it was all going great. One day I was at his and he was going down on me. From the minute he started, I knew I was going to have to fake it and actually think of something to get me wet (I think at the time it was Channing Tatum dancing naked) as his tongue was not doing it for me. The boy had no clue what he was doing. Ten minutes in and me getting bored by his obscure ways of licking a vagina, he could tell I was getting restless, so he started going for it. Next thing I remember was screaming and kicking him in the face. He fell off the bed, I was in agony. I put my hand down to my vagina which was throbbing and not in a nice 'Jacob from Twilight is naked' kind of way. He had bitten my vajayjay. I was bleeding. Boy bit me!! I got dressed, left and refused to ever speak to him again. He obviously was very apologetic. I told him to do one.

Awful I know. Another embarassing time for me was in Spain a few years back. I had gone out with my cousin and a bunch of her friends and we got really drunk and ended up in a kareoke bar where I was actually being stalked by a midget. (I have pictures to prove this!) Anyway, I ended up getting with one of my cousins friends and ended up back at his. Or his Grandma's! After a bit of fun and frolicks I decided it was time for me to go. However, he did not want me to turn on the light as we might wake
up his grandma (don't worry, she was not in the same room) so I could not find my top. So in the end, he gave me one of his shirts. Spot the skank whore. Walking through the port at about 4am when the last few drunks were still out, wearing my denim skirt and this oversized shirt that you could see my bra through. He walked me back to my cousins appartment and as I walked in, my cousin just looked
at me and laughed.

Ok, enough about me.
Meet my friend *Joe. Joe had been with his girlfriend for some time and decided the bed was boring and wanted to try having sex elsewhere. So Joe lifted his girlfriend up onto a set of drawers he had in his room and they started having sex.
A few minutes in, there was a weird noise but neither gave it too much attention as things were getting steamy.Now, they wish they would have paid attention. The drawers gave in and Joe's girlfriend fell, penis still inside her. The drawers could not take her weight and they broke. As did his cock. 999 - AMBULANCE! Joe was rushed to hospital with a snapped penis. He had to have his foreskin cut off and have the muscles in his penis stitched back together. It took three months to heal and he could not have sex or even masturbate for all that time.

My friend *Brad is a massive flirt and funny guy. A few years ago he went travelling with two of his boy friends. When in Figi, Brad met a cute petite girl at a party who he knew he wanted to have his way with. As the party was coming to a close, Brad hinted to the girl that they should go down to the beach. She was more than happy to join him. Straight away they started to get it on. She kept hearing noises and telling Brad but he told her to ignore them. Brad knew full well what the noises were. BUGS. He was so drunk and wanted a shag he didn't care. They had sex and as he pulled his cock out, he saw a bug crawl into her vagina. Brad screamed and ran off. He does not know what happened to the girl.

Meet *Sandy. A girl who cracks me up with every story she tells. She met a guy called *Jonny through some friends and took quite a liking to him. They started meeting up and after some time were seeing eachother quite often. They would go out and kiss and hold hands, all very cute. One night Sandy decided to cook for Jonny and make things romantic. They had a great dinner, drank some wine and moved on to the bedroom. They started kissing and clothes started flying accross the room and onto the bed they went. Sandy was very excited to finally have sex with Jonny. She really liked him and knew it was going to be great. How wrong she was. Jonny started to make very weird noises and started screaming whilst having an orgasm. Sandy lay there shocked. Jonny was shaking and making noises like a little girl. He then came. He then collapsed onto Sandy and then sat up again. She looked at him and burst out laughing. Her exact words to him were, "Are you serious???!!" Put it this way, she ended things with him the next day! HAHA!

Let me introduce you to *Tony. Tony is a guy I have known for a few years, and let me tell you, is gorgeous. All the girls want a piece! One night, a week after Tony had an operation on his arm he went to the pub with some friends.
A few days later, a girl he knows phones him up and said a girl she was with at the pub the other day fancied him and would probably sleep with him. Tony was not really phased but let the girl give her friend his number. An hour or so later, Tony gets a call from a random number and it happens to be the girl from the pub, *Tanya. They chat for a bit and Tanya asks Tony if he was free to get a drink later that night. So later that night, Tony went to pick up Tanya and they went for a drink. She had already been drinking and was already pretty wasted. OVer a drink, she starts
getting cheeky and asks Tony what the naughtiest thing he ever did was. Tony comes back with usual men answers, "had a threesome" or "slept with my French teacher in school." Tanya then asks him if he is going to fuck her and they soon get in his car. Tanya then tells him she does not want to go back to her flat but rather go to her parents house. Tony knew this was a bit odd but he went along with it. As they arrive to the house, she tells him to wait so she can turn of the CCTV cameras. This was the first moment Tony should have driven away. In they go and she tells him to wait on the bed whilst she changes. She comes back in sexy lingerie and tells him to lie on the bed so she can massage him. Out comes the lotion and she starts massaging him, down his legs, up his back, around his balls then WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAAM up goes her finger in his ass! He was in shock, pushed her off with his one good arm and turned around to have sex. The whole time, she had told Tony to keep his voice down as her parents were next door and next thing you know it, he is shagging her brains out and she is screaming and all of a sudden, a voice from next door goes "shh!" They both cum and Tony gets dressed. Tanya then starts saying she wants to go again but Tony says he needs to leave. She blocks the door and tells him he cannot leave as her husband is asleep next door, not her parents. He said he needs to leave to take pills for his arm and Tanya starts laughing saying she should have taken her pills. Tony asked what pills she takes. Her reply, "the doctor gives me pills as my sex drive is too high. I can finger myself up to 6 times a day. I love sex. Fuck me again?"
Tony pushes her out the way and dashes to his car. He phones his cousin to tell her of his mad night to which his cousin laughes hysterically. He knew of this Tanya and informed Tony how she had been in a mental home a few years back and is a sex addict.

I hope these stories have kept you all entertained and if you have any stories of your own you would like to share please comment here or tweet me @LittleMissVak or email and keep updated on my facebook page

Lotsa Love..

Little Miss V..xx

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Super Sale Bazaar

Hi! Last week, I went to World Trade Center to check out the bazaar. I called my sister to meet me since her office is just a few blocks away from WTC. In case you don't know I'm a sucker for bazaars,or anything that is on sale.

before I show you the stuff that I bought, here's my OOTH first:

Black blouse from Landmark; Pants from The Ramp

Necklace from Kultura, animal print bag from a boutique

love this shoes from Chelsea.

meet my sister, Ate Lieb.

so here's a mini haul, "mini" because I only bought a few things:

NYX lipsticks @140 each

shades(L-R): hope, B52, and power

swatches(top-bottom) hope, B52, and power

I like NYX round lipstick, not only because it's cheap, but also it's very pigmented and that it gives you a creamy not too glossy finish. I love the shade B52 because it appears to be nude or neutral which is great for everyday use. NYX round lipsticks have 144 shades to choose from, so I would definitely buy more. :)

A mustard sleeveless blouse P350

another blouse in peach color P280

After that we went to Mall of Asia, where we had our dinner at the sizzling company.

that's it! :) 

I'm back and I got an award

I just want to say thank you to dazzler for giving me an award. It feels so great to have an award after not opening my blog for quite a long time. I've been so busy these past few weeks and I feel so guilty for not being able to post. so anyway, let's get down to the rules.
The rules are:
1. Link back and thank the person who tagged you.
2. Post seven things about yourself and answer the list of favorite questions.
3. Pass these awards to 15 bloggers.
4. Notify the lucky bloggers who got these awards.

so I guess I'll answer number two first, since I have to think about the 15 bloggers. Hopefully soon when I get some time. :)

7 things about me:

1. I am so in love with my family esp. my two kids.
2. I get nervous easily.
3. I always get hungry.
4. I have this bad habit of biting my nails.
5. I dye my own hair.
6. I am a moody person
7. I always sleep late.

that's it for now. will blog more, soon! :) thanks again to dazzler. :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Time for a nosh...

Hey dolls,

So a friend of mine and I were talking about sex (as you do on a Friday afternoon) and then came on to the subject of Blow jobs! As soon as I mentioned the word she sighed! I asked why she did that. Her response.. "Why is it guys always expect you to give them head?" To be honest, I did not have a valid answer to reply with, so I simply said, "Because they like it?"

You watch films nowdays and it is so commonly publicised. Take 'Knocked Up' for example. Katherine Heigl has sex with Seth Rogen and asks him what he would like on a second date. He replies with "BJ!" In 'Bridesmaids' there is a classic quote.. "Did you let him sleep over in your mouth?"
Even music mentions it. Take Lil Wayne, he is telling everyone to lick him like a lollipop!

We got off the phone and I actually started thinking about the topic and decided to do some research into it. (Obviously I know enough about blowies/how to give them but wanted to know more!)

So the correct term for a blow job is Fellatio. Other nicknames for it besides blow job and giving head are blowie, nosh/noshing, BJ and sucking off.
Other facts I found out:
1) In ancient Greece, a blowie was better known for as "playing the flute!" (Remind me to hum Flight of the Bumblebee next time I'm noshing)
2) In ancient Egypt in 1300BC, Isis resurrected Osiris from the dead from a blowie.
3) In 1883, the Kama Sutra was translated from Indian to English where it talks about "mouth congress."
4) In India it is also known as mukhamethuna ("oral churning") and ambarchusi ("mango-fruit sucking") - (cannot say I know one guy who has ever called his cock a mango, but hey, in India clearly they do!)
5) In 1998 Monica Lewinsky denied reports of having sex with Bill Clinton but admitted to noshing him off.
6) You can contract HPV from giving head.

So over time, flute blowing has become more and more acceptable. Now, in my generation it is 'just a thing you do' says my friend *Lucy. Now, girls will give a guy a blowie not because he asked for it but purely because they don't mind doing it or think it is worth keeping the guy. Some girls will nosh a guy off continually because it does not phase them where as sex does. Girls would rather wait to have sex until they really like the guy or are in love but can nosh at any given time to any guy. Porn is so regularly watched that ideas of how to give oral sex (I will use a nicer word for once) are plastered on the screen.

So after finding out some true facts about Fellatio, I wanted to know the best ways of how girls I know like to give a blowie and how guys I know like to recieve it..

"I love it when a girl licks the tip of my shaft. It is really sensitive and it drives me wild."

"My boyfriend loves it when I am sucking him off and use my hands to stroke his penis at the same time."

"Play with my balls while giving me head and I come quicker!"

Well there you go guys and girls, some facts, tips and trueness about "noshing" (I am sure you have seen that this is my favourite word!)

Hope you all enjoyed this and would love to know if you have any tips or advice or questions regarding this blog.

Email or on twitter @LittleMissVak

Lotsa love..

Little Miss V..xx

Monday, October 24, 2011

It's a Gig life for me...

Hey dolls,

Hope you are all good. Thought I would take a brief step away from my usual blogs (don't worry, you'll get the naughtiness back soon) and write about my recent outings to some gigs!

So lets start with last Thursday where I went with my good friend Dominique to the Jack Savoretti gig at the Garage in Highbury/Islington. I have loved Jack's music since I was introduced to it by my friend Scott a few years ago. Since then, I have been a big fan. The gig started at 7pm and we arrived at about 8.30pm where we were just in time for the second supporting act called "We were Evergreen."
Now let me just tell you, when I see a band with a xylophone I get a bit worried but on came this Parisian trio and completely wowed me. With their Indie/pop/folk style, the crowd became really hyped up. They had some really good songs including Vintage Car and Penguins & Moonboats. I was not impressed with the song about Eggs!

They finish and on comes Jack Savoretti and his band. A woman standing in front of me and Dom was jumping and screaming. She must have been in her mid 40's but only now was living her failed life as a groupie. She is clearly his number one fan. She kept dancing to the songs which to be honest, are pretty hard to dance to, a simple bop or shake will suffice. When the slower songs came on, she put her hands together as if she was praying and would close her eyes. I hope she knows she was at a gig and not in church. Her friend also cried at one of the slower songs. Is it mean that Dom and I laughed? Well, come on. Two ladies in their 40s getting overly excited about a singer and crying? I can't even say grow up!
I was suprised to see a double bass up on stage (as it is rare) but Tom (dude on the double bass) rocked it! If any of you have ever seen a picture or watched a video of Jack, you will know he is very good looking. Seeing him up on stage with his guitar and singing live brought a whole new love to my life. I will keep this blog PG. Anyway, after a few new songs, Jack sang "Dreamers" which is my ultimate favourite. I took a lot of pictures and videos (which are all on my facebook for those of you who have me). When the show finished, Dom and I waited around as Jack's manager Danielle was going to introduce us to Jack. So ten minutes after he has come off stage, he comes into the hall and Danielle brings him over to me and Dom and gives us a personal introduction. My knees went to jello! I had a picture taken with Jack and honestly, I felt like a kid. I have met a lot of celebrities in my time and do not get star struck (unless they are really big) and Jack is not a celebrity, but just the fact he sings like an angel, plays the guitar like a rock star and is beyond hot got me worke up. Once again, keeping this PG.

Saturday arrives and out I pop from the shower at about 6pm when I get a phone call from my good friend Ben. "Have you got plans tonight LaLa?"
"Umm yes Ben, why?"
"Well I have two tickets for the Ed Sheeran gig tonight, do you want to go?"

I love me a bit of spontaneity. So my plans got changed and 45 minutes later, Ben was outside my house in a cab to pick me up. Now, as a woman, it takes me at least over an hour to get ready for a night out. I was given 45 mins!! So out I went to the cab with a face half done with make up and a packed dinner from mummy as I had not eaten since breakfast. Bless her. To those of you who know my mother, you know she is a feeder. Even if you are not hungry and in my house, you will be given food. So on route to the gig and Ben and I already start having a giggle about a few funny stories. I finish my packed dinner, finish my make up and we arrive at the venue. Before we went into the show, we go to meet our friends Pippa and Chloe at a pub down the road where the drinking begins. How my mother is a feeder, Ben is like that with alcohol. He will get the drinks in and make sure you get legless. Good ol Benny boy! We finish our drinks and the four of us head over to the HMV forum in Kentish town for the Ed Sheeran gig. Or Ed SheeRAN (sounds like Duran) as Ben would say. He got corrected many a time over the night.
So in we head through the crowd and make our way to a nice spacious spot where we can see the stage. As we arrive, Emeli Sande was performing. Wow she is amazing live. She sang a few ballads and then sang her new song "Heaven" which was awesome.
On came Ed and everyone started screaming. Who knew a 21 year old ginger boy could be so popular! To be fair, half the venue were about his age and probably his high school buds.
So there we are enjoying his music and having a dance when all of a sudden, a girl who Pippa referred to as a 'witch' screamed out loud "Can you not touch my bum you are disgusting" to a few boys standing behind her. These boys became our besties of the night. I did not think it was them who pinched her bum but the Peter Griffin look alike that PVP had a crush on who by the way knew every word to every song Ed sang!
So we continue to enjoy the music and our alcohol and dancing when an oldish man standing near Ben starts having a go at him for dancing. Sorry, I did not know that it was illegal to dance at a gig. So there they are having a domestic when Witch Bitch gets involved and shouts, again, telling them both to shut up. This was very funny yet I did give her my dagger eyes and she did not look in my direction again. I came to the conclusion of why this girl was very angry in life..
1) She was on her period
2) She had not been laid for 6 months or more so was a bit aggy
3) Ed Sheeran would not touch her with a barge pole.
I reckon 1 and 2.

So then the two boys who originally pinched Witch Bitches bum became our mates and were dancing and singing with us. They were very camera happy and I would love to see the videos they took of us, especially one of Pippa and I dancing. Oh, and of course Ben made sure they took a pic of my cleavage. Great. Two turnips from Milton Keyenes have probably got my tits as their profile picture on Facebook. Good times.

Ed Sheeran was actually amazing live. Pixie Lott and Example even turned up to do songs with him which was also pretty awesome. Big thank you to Ben for taking me :)

After the gig, the 4 of us headed into Camden. Well after walking down Kentish Town for 15 mins and me complaining that my nipples were about to cut glass, we jumped into a cab to Bar Solo where some of my friends were partying. Amen for Bar solo. My favourite club. If you like Old school jams, a bit of garage and randomness mixed with Beanie Man, Cameo and new tracks, you need to head there. I can not remember one time I have not had fun there. So the drinking continued, as did the dancing and a great night was had by all!

I have now decided that I need to go to as many gigs as possible as it is so much fun. I love live music. Sorry Pippa, Sideshow Bob (I mean Seasick Steve) will not be one I attend!

Have a great week people..

Little Miss V..x

(Picture 1 -Ed Sheeran and Pixie Lott
Picture 2 - Jack Savoretti
Picture 3 - Jack SAvoretti and I
Picture 4 - Ben, Pippa and I)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

DLS.. Dirty Little Secret

"I like you, but you know we have to keep this our little secret right?"

How many of you have heard that one before? I for sure have. I have been a secret. I had a secret. It was fun while it lasted but you know it will never be anything more than just the secret. The secret itself is what makes the relationship exciting. The actual relationship or what you are doing within it, may it be emotional or physical is not the exciting thing. The fact nobody knows is what keeps it fun.

So you would think secret romantic relationships are hot, right? Movies and television dramas are full of them, you hear about them and they almost always seem intense.

When you think of secret romances, you would think they are fun and exciting. You automatically imagine late night meetings in a hotel or a car park where the potential for being caught enhances the romantic experience. For some however, a realistic portrait of romantic relationships reveals that maintaining the secrecy is more frustrating than fun.

So, I asked some friends about their experiences and what happened...

Emily's story:
Emily's sister Natasha was dating a guy called Dean. She would only ever see Dean at weekends though as she was at boarding school. Emily met Dean one weekend at their house and instantly took a liking to him. He took to her as well and when Natasha went back to boarding school, they took to each other like rabbits. They kept it a secret for years and to this day, Natasha does not know. Emily did not feel as bad as she would have, as Natasha had told her she was dating someone at boarding school and only kept Dean there for fun at the weekends when she was home.
Emily's fun with Dean sadly ended when Natasha moved back home from boarding school and Dean ended both relationships. Emily said it was the most secretive fun you could ever have!

Darryl's story:
Darryl is a 29 year old estate agent and married man. After meeting his wife Linzee at school he knew she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Losing his virginity to her at 16, he needed no more. Until one day in married life, Darryl felt he was missing out on life and felt he had not experienced enough in life. Darryl signed up to a dating site where he was listed as single and "only up for a good time." Needless to say, gorgeous Darryl was flooded with messages and met up with Harley. Harley became the DLS that Darryl longed for. He would lie to Linzee by telling her he had late viewings yet instead, invite Harley to a propertly he was letting out. After a secret two year relationship with Harley, Linzee became pregnant and Darryl was forced to end his secret affair. To this day, Linzee does not know what her hubby got up to.

Carlos's story:
Carlos was working in a restaurant as a waiter. One day, in walked Francesca. A pretty little thing who caught Carlos' eye immediately. She had come in to give her CV for a job going. Carlos took the CV and her number from it and called her up. Even though he had a girlfriend, he had a passion inside of him to get to know Francesca. She was very flattered but made Carlos aware that she had a boyfriend. Even though her boyfriend was in prison, she could not be unfaithful. A few weeks later, Carlos recieved a message from Francesca telling him to meet her at her place. He did not think about his girlfriend and without hesitation, went round. According to Carlos, it was the best sex he had ever experienced. Carlos is the kind of guy who loves when a woman gives into him and he can get his way with her. Francesca was giving Carlos the best sex of his life and he started to fall for her. Three months after their affair started, Francesca got a phone call that her boyfriend was being released from prison. She told Carlos to delete her number and never make contact again, leaving Carlos in shreds.

It seems to me that most secret relationships end badly or with upset, so why is this topic the backbone of so many books and movies we see each year? Maybe its more about the escape than the actual love. Take Romeo and Juliet for example. They had a secret love. They couldn't tell anybody because their families were at war. What happened to them? They both killed themselves!

My personal advice on this topic would be to not let yourself fully in. Do not accept the relationship as something serious. It is fun. It is a period in your life that is boring that you are making exciting. If it starts a secret, it will always only be a secret. So have fun, don't fall, don't let all your emotions in and make sure nobody finds out ;-)

I would just like to add, the stories included here are all true but names have been changed to protect the identities of the story tellers :)

Little Miss V..xx

Saturday, August 27, 2011

FIP grad show

Last Thursday, 25th of August, I went to Fashion walk, Greenbelt 5, to witness the FIP's graduation show for the batch 2011. Three of my former classmates from Basic Fashion Design and Basic Pattern Making were part of graduation competition. y'want to know the prize? a trip to Paris. wow! How cool is that? :)

what I wore:

top: the Ramp/ skirt: from a boutique/ leopard scarf/ black wedges

funny my hair look so short here. fyi, I cut my own hair :)

bangles: Coole vintage/ connector rings
just a quick stop at Forever 21. hehe :)

while waiting for the show to start:

free food 

the judges:

Tim Yap

Divine Lee

Renee Salud, Victor Basa, Divine Lee, Tim Yap, and etc.
some runway photos: (all photos taken by me)


designed by my friend, Mara

cool shoes

love the colors and the wedges

there you go. I am now inspired.

btw, three days ago, I was offered to teach college students at the school, where I am currently studying Licensure Exam for Teacher Eligibility Course (LET-EC). It's very flattering that they chose me, but I think I'm not ready yet. Anyway, I still have a week to decide. God, enlighten me. :)