Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm In Love With A Stripper..

Ok, so no i'm not really in love with a stripper. But i'm not going to lie, I do kind of love the thought of it all.

You see, last night, myself and some friends went to a strip club. I have always wanted to go to one to know what actually goes on behind closed doors and see what they are really like and not just how I see them on films.

This was my first time in a strip club in London and I was actually quite excited. You see, the only other time I have been to a strip club was in Amsterdam a year ago. The place was vile. Not only was it cold and gloomy but the girls were already naked and happy to put their vagina in your face. LITERALLY. We had bought a dance for one of the boys and the girl giving him the dance actually put his nose into her asshole. Hole. Yes. ASSHOLE! That to me was really gross and degrading for them, then again, it was Amsterdam and I should have expected that we were going to be knee deep in clunge. Wellie boots please!!

So in we walked. The interior was very nice. Quite welcoming to be honest. Was not gloomy and dirty but in fact quite smart and classy. The first thing to catch my eye were swings at the bar. How fun is that!! The second thing I noticed was the fact half of the girls in this place were UGLY! When you see a strip club in a film, all the girls are beautiful with nice breasts and mysterious eyes. Not here. Most of the ladies were Eastern European and not that good looking with bad hair extensions and an even worse attitude.

So down Max, Anna and I sit and straight away girls are looking at us. At first I am not sure if it is Max's muscly arms that caught their attention, or the fact that he was there with Anna and I. Bit odd for a guy to go to a strip club with two girls I guess. Then again, Anna and I are not your average kind of girls. So first round of drinks come anf our first stripper comes and sits down with us. After a while she can tell we are not interested and walks off to a group of Asian guys. So the three of us are sitting there having a laugh, catching up and watching girls dance on a pole. One of the girls dancing caught my eye for having massive tattoos down the right side of her body, but also for knowing how to dance on that pole. Let me tell you, girl could dance.

I looked around the club to see the kind of people inside. On one table there was a group of white guys in suits. Business meeting maybe? Not sure but they were soon enough joined by some girls. On another table is a group of Asian guys. Also in suits. After work fun clearly! Then I see an old guy sitting on his own. Girls keep going to say hi and kissing him hello. Obviously he is a regular and knows them all well. Part of me wondered why a guy clearly in his mid 60's was spending his nights in a strip club? Boredm? Lonliness?

So after some food and more drinks, down sits *FiFi. At first I had actually said that she was odd looking and Russian where in fact she was pretty decent and English. Our conversation included our love of games such as Tetris and Solitaire and how her boyfriend does not know she does this job. Fifi was telling me how she has danced her whole life including Burlesque dance. Before working in a strip club too, she had an office job but after spending most of her day playing solitaire, she knew it was not for her. She was really lovely and nice to talk to. After some chit chat, FiFi went to dance on stage.

Some other girls then came to sit with us and talk to us. It is funny to talk to them when they are so normal. The first perception you get is that they must be dirty slores and miserable and not nice to talk to, when in fact they are normal girls just trying to make some money. And do they make money!! i had to ask, I was very intreigued. So there I am sat in a strip club talking to FiFi, Sunshine and Cat about the kind of money they make. They pay the club to basically rent space lets call it. That is about 80 pounds a night. Once they have covered that, everything else is theirs. They can make anything from 100 - 1000 pounds a night. Each dance they give is done in a private area away form your table at 20 pounds a dance. You are not allowed to touch the girls. Security is very tight and people are always looking to make sure things are all good. People will also buy the girls drinks so it is often that they are getting drunk.
Getting drunk on the job and making maybe 500 pounds a night. Why am I not doing this? Haha!

About half an hour after talking to the girls, our friend Adam came to join us. More drinks were being bought. So it was the four of us and 5 of the strippers sat at our table. The ones that were not sat at our table were obviously very jelous as we were drinking, laughing and having a great time. The four of us then went to sit in a private area with four of the girls and we were all given a dance. Now I am the kind of girl who is up for anything. Ok, not anything, but most things. Seeing girls naked is not something new for me. I am naked with my girls all the time. To be honest, I actually did not know where to look. Four girls, four vajayjays and eight boobs. Max had a dance with FiFi, I had Sunshine, Anna had Cat and Adam had Melody. Melody was actually really pretty with great breasts and I kept looking over at her. My girls hair extensions were as rough as elephants hair which was a bit off putting to be honest. So once again my eyes were wondering. Catching the look on Anna's face and then to Adam and to Max. The grins on their faces were priceless. Adam was touching Anna's leg as obviously you cannot touch the girls and he was getting worked up.

In one sense, I think for guys its all just a bit of a prick tease. They get a dance, get a boner and cannot do anything about it. Is there point wasting your money on that? Why not I say. All for some fun and something different.

As girls, I can fairly say that Anna and I enjoyed ourselves. New experience and all. I would deffinately go back. Not because I am into the girls but at the end of the day it is actually nice to hang out and drink there and also nice to talk to the girls. If anyone wants to come, let me know, come along and join :)

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