Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dance Like A Ballerina

Tutu is a skirt worn as a costume in a ballet performance, often with attached bodice. But nowadays tutu can be worn as an everyday item and on special occasions. For me, I find tutu really gorgeous and cute.

So here I want to show you the tutu that I made for my daughter. It's actually a "no sew tutu,"  the moment I saw it on youtube, I thought it looks pretty interesting. The fact that it doesn't need sewing, I decided to make one for my daughter.

 I chose the colors Pink, Blue, and White.

She loves it. She asked me if she looks more like a fairy or ballerina.

Here's the youtube vid where I got the idea from, In case you might want to make one. I swear it's pretty simple and fun.

Oh by the way, I already got a new camera, remember how pissed I was when my smartphone got stolen and and at the same time my digicam got broken too? so now, a one big YAY! for me. It's a Nikon D3100 and so far, I'm lovin it. I hope it will stay with me for a long time. :) cam, please stay with me,okay?

My sab taking a photo of herself. cool! :)


Thursday, April 12, 2012


Why do I feel blessed? It is because of my two wonderful kids. They're my angels, ever since they came into my world, I never felt alone. So you know, it's not easy to raise a child or children, it is definitely a big job, but having them is a wonderful thing. Wonderful enough that you're willing to sacrifice anything for them. You are willing because you know that by doing that you are attaining something that is in a lot greater value. As a young mom, you're probably thinking how much things I gave up for them. Ask me if it's worth it? Without a doubt, I would definitely say, YES! In fact, what I feel guilty about is me not giving my very best, because I think I still have to give more time and do more things to help them grow to be better and better each day. In Shaa Allah 

Just to clarify to those who are scared to become a mom, please fear not, because you're missing out the feeling of intense love and happiness. Here's an interesting fact: you can have babies and still go out with your girlfriends or eat on an eat-all-you-can restaurant.You can have babies and still drive a car and watch a concert or a movie with your husband. And definitely, you can have babies and still pursue a career. It's just a matter of challenging yourself and knowing how to manage your time properly. (ahem, not really an expert in that though, hehe)

So anyway, my kids are growing up too fast, and I feel scared and excited at the same time. Scared, because I will surely miss them being a child, and also slightly because I might feel old.(hehe) Excited, because In Shaa Allah they'll be like my best friends whom I could hang out and talk with. :)

here are some photos of my two lovely kids that I personally took:

Alhamdulillah! :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants are so in again. It amazes me how fashion repeats itself, just like the phrase we always hear that "history repeats itself." I love how the fashion industry today looks to the past for some inspiration so a cyclic effect occurs. How I wish my mom kept all her clothes, because they were all gorgeous. Well, as to what I've seen from her photographs. I mean, I think I can do a lot of things from it, like mix and match and stuff. And so because I'm a fan of vintage style. 

To give you a little background, palazzo pants emerged on the 1920s on fashionable women like Coco Chanel and Katarine Hepburn, who paired them with striped tanks and flat espadrilles. After that they were again a big hit in the 70s. So, Imagine, it's not just your mom who might have like this, but your grandmother too. cool, right? 

Coco Chanel in the 1930s

Some of my fave photos from google:

today's celebrities wearing palazzo pants:

Kourtney Kardashian

Anne Hathaway in her printed palazzo pants

Blake Lively

Many might have said that palazzo pants are hard to pull off. That it's made only for tall and skinny. Well, I don't believe in that. I think with proper styling and confidence you can pull it off. The best way to wear it is with heels, preferably pumps or wedges.

here's me sporting the palazzo pants:

I'm a sucker for comfort, hence why I love palazzo pants. They're oh so comfortable and perfect since I'm not used in wearing skirts.


thanks to google for the photos.

Monday, April 9, 2012

week 12 {March 18-24, 2012}

March 18
Tulips in my front yard.

March 19


I'm obsessed with tulips.

March 20
Bath time.

March 21
Smug at 29 weeks of age.

March 22


These arrangements are just outside the Grove Arcade. Love.

March 23
Chloe's trying to stay out of the action.

March 24
baby belly.

Perfect Bed Time

I sat upstairs in the hallway, waiting for the others to come back up. Ryder hid behind me, pressing his warm body against mine. "Where did Ryder go?" I pretended concern.

He slowly crept from behind my back, his eyes twinkling, the corners of his smile showing from behind his green pacifier. He went back again putting his arms around me. "Oh no..." I said again.

Lucas made it back upstairs first, bringing Ryder his milk. He placed the sippy cup on Ryder's head. "Look it's staying!" Lucas squealed as the cup quickly toppled off Ryder's head.

Ryder picked it up and moved his pacifier to his hand and began drinking his milk. "Now Carmel is staying!" Lucas said balancing his favorite stuffed dog on Ryder's head.

"All right everyone time for prayers." Eric said when everyone made it back up.

"I will sit here, come here Ryder" Lucas said sitting in his truck chair- the same chair he had had since he was younger than Ryder. The chair was now covered with a bright orange fabric with excavators and diggers, the original blue truck cover long worn out with a hole where his legs rubbed against the fabric.

I smiled at the moment, suddenly realizing that before I knew it my two boys would be much to old to sit on a chair together. I need to enjoy this, I said to myself.

We finally got everyone to settle down and said prayers. It was Alex's turn to say the prayer. She began;
"Dear Heavenly Father. Thank thee for this day and help--' are you going anywhere tonight?'" Alex whispered to Eric interpreting her own prayer. "No" Eric whispered back. 'and help that daddy will travel to work safely tomorrow...."

Yes, I do need to enjoy this.My boys relaxing on my bed- and please ignore my ugly quilt- I am trying to find something I love to replace it

week 13 {March 25-31, 2012}

March 25


March 26


March 27


March 28


March 29


March 30


March 31    


7 months! 

The Culd-du-sac

I rolled down the window and turned the radio up, anxiously waiting for my chance to win $1000. I knew it was long shot, but hey, if I didn't try I wouldn't win.

Ryder darted into the garage and retrieved his soccer ball. He stretched, lifting it high above his head and with all his might threw it right to me.

I stopped the ball and kicked it back. This game continued for several minutes. ' Kick it back' I encouraged. I stopped the ball, kicked it to Ryder and he swung his little toddler leg back and kicked it perfectly right to me.

The announcement came on the radio station- I quickly hit dial, already having the number programed in. Busy signal. Darn, I tried again. Nothing. I tried until the announcement came on saying a winner was picked. Maybe next time.

"Car, car" Ryder said pointing to the Little Tykes car.

I got it down for him and he climbed in. I pushed from the top as his little feet "walked" barely touching the ground. He wouldn't go anywhere on his own the way he was walking but his feet moving kept his feet from acting like natural breaks.I pushed him around our culd-du-sac. "Doggies" he said and pointed at our neighbors dogs who were now greeting us rather loudly. It didn't phase Ryder and he just stayed pointing and grunting occasionally.He then tired of the dogs and climbed back into his car. We cut across the culd-du-sac rolling over the manhole cover. He put his feet down, forcing the car to break, got out and excited pointed at the cover.

"W" he said pointing at the W in "sewer". "Good job,W!" I praised. "R" he then said.

He then climbed back in the car, this time making it across to where our house number was painted on the curb. He climbed out pointing at each number again and again wanting me to repeat the numbers. A bug then crawled in his line of vision. "Bug! Bug" he said through his pacifier filled mouth.He watched the bug for several minutes then was back in his car, little feet quickly dancing along the ground.

I smiled up at the blue sky. This was a good day.

week 11 {March 11-17, 2012}

March 11

March 12

March 13


I thought we had time for a walk this evening, but he fell asleep as we pulled into the driveway.

March 14


He's definitely the cool kid around here.

March 15


28 weeks. And such a funny boy!

March 16


My boys. :)

March 17


St. Patrick's Day daiquiris!

week 10 {March 4-10, 2012}

March 4


March 5


Sign on the left says "no left turn". Sign on the right has an arrow pointing to the left stating "Event parking." The Southern Conference basketball tournament was taking place a few hundred feet from those signs.

March 6


Inside the Grove Arcade (across the street from where I work.)

March 7


Not focused.

March 8


From my mom's yard.

March 9


First concert since the baby was born!

March 10


Random, but this is some of the milk we have frozen for the baby. Doesn't include our upstairs freezer.

week 9 {February 26-March 3, 2012}

Posting this a little late, and I apologize for every. single. photo. being of the baby. Next week will be better. I promise!

February 26


Always happy.

February 27


Waiting for pictures to be taken.

February 28


What you can't really see is how Disney-ed-out he is. Mickey pj's, Pooh sleep sack and Tigger lovey.

February 29


March 1


I love his legs.

March 2


March 3


I think it's safe to say he does not like pears.