Monday, April 9, 2012

Day:34-42 Playing Catch Up

I got very behind on*updating this. I have been taking pictures everyday- but rather then go back each day I am just going to try and hurry and catch up.

Day 34 Friday, February 3rd
It's been a while-but opps he did it again. Fell asleep while eating lunch, sweet boy

Day 35 Saturday, February 4th
Kids Craft at Home Depot makes for a fun morning

Day 35 Sunday, February 5th
Doing the picture a day, was supposed to take a picture at 10:00-- um this was taken in the evening, this clock just needs new batteries

Day 36 Monday, February 6th
It's done!! My Antique window!! I love it. You can read how I made it on my main blog here

Day 37 Tuesday, February 7th
Time for the Blue and Gold Cub Scout Banquet- the cake I made, we did an aviator theme

Day 38 Wednesday, February 8th
Take a picture of my building before my little brother destroys it

Day 39 Thursday, February 9thPhoto of the Day: Our Front Door

Day 40 Friday, February 10th
Getting all pretty for date night! Dinner and a movie so nice to get out
and a sneak peak of a project I am working on

Day 41 Saturday, February 11th
Pool Birthday party when it was raining and 65 outside- the pool was very heated

Day 42 Sunday, February 12th
Cute curly boy all ready for church

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