Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dance Like A Ballerina

Tutu is a skirt worn as a costume in a ballet performance, often with attached bodice. But nowadays tutu can be worn as an everyday item and on special occasions. For me, I find tutu really gorgeous and cute.

So here I want to show you the tutu that I made for my daughter. It's actually a "no sew tutu,"  the moment I saw it on youtube, I thought it looks pretty interesting. The fact that it doesn't need sewing, I decided to make one for my daughter.

 I chose the colors Pink, Blue, and White.

She loves it. She asked me if she looks more like a fairy or ballerina.

Here's the youtube vid where I got the idea from, In case you might want to make one. I swear it's pretty simple and fun.

Oh by the way, I already got a new camera, remember how pissed I was when my smartphone got stolen and and at the same time my digicam got broken too? so now, a one big YAY! for me. It's a Nikon D3100 and so far, I'm lovin it. I hope it will stay with me for a long time. :) cam, please stay with me,okay?

My sab taking a photo of herself. cool! :)


Thursday, April 12, 2012


Why do I feel blessed? It is because of my two wonderful kids. They're my angels, ever since they came into my world, I never felt alone. So you know, it's not easy to raise a child or children, it is definitely a big job, but having them is a wonderful thing. Wonderful enough that you're willing to sacrifice anything for them. You are willing because you know that by doing that you are attaining something that is in a lot greater value. As a young mom, you're probably thinking how much things I gave up for them. Ask me if it's worth it? Without a doubt, I would definitely say, YES! In fact, what I feel guilty about is me not giving my very best, because I think I still have to give more time and do more things to help them grow to be better and better each day. In Shaa Allah 

Just to clarify to those who are scared to become a mom, please fear not, because you're missing out the feeling of intense love and happiness. Here's an interesting fact: you can have babies and still go out with your girlfriends or eat on an eat-all-you-can restaurant.You can have babies and still drive a car and watch a concert or a movie with your husband. And definitely, you can have babies and still pursue a career. It's just a matter of challenging yourself and knowing how to manage your time properly. (ahem, not really an expert in that though, hehe)

So anyway, my kids are growing up too fast, and I feel scared and excited at the same time. Scared, because I will surely miss them being a child, and also slightly because I might feel old.(hehe) Excited, because In Shaa Allah they'll be like my best friends whom I could hang out and talk with. :)

here are some photos of my two lovely kids that I personally took:

Alhamdulillah! :)